TAW Precise Pump

Coming soon!
TAWs Precise Pump will be the first of its kind in any residential or light commercial booster pump. Featuring TAWs exclusive “Predictive¬†PID” Algorithm in our proprietary VFD that predicts the pumps speed before the demand pulls down the pressure.

This variable speed pump is completely water proof (IP65) and has many features no booster pump has before it:

Predictive PID speeds the pump up prior to pressure loss. Unlike all other variable speed pumps before it TAWs Precise Pump knows when the demand is requiring the pump to respond. It responds so quickly in fact that from no load to full load 0-15 or 0-25 GPM depending on model, the unit eliminates noticeable pressure dips.

Due to this predictive PID, no high maintenance bladder tank is needed! Bladder tanks are always a source of problems, they leak, they get saturated and they need constant checking of pressure to insure they operate properly. A bladder tank is a band aid to a control that can NOT predict demand changes and relies on the water in the tank to allow the drive enough time to respond to the demand before the pressure dips!
Not so with Precise Pump. Our response is so fast with minimal overshoot that pressure dips are never realized with demand or supply changes.
No Flow detection that actually works. Many competitors rely on motor torque, motor speed or pump temperature to shut down the pump. Many times, these means to determine a no flow condition will not work. A lower suction pressure changes the turn off point, using temperature is a guess at best, how much heat is too much? Ambient temperatures and Sun hitting the pump can affect accuracy. Using motor torque also is inadequate, what happens when the motor impeller wears or other issues like bearing friction of blockages in the pipe change the load to maintain pressure?

TAWs NO FLOW algorithm is second to none and is very accurate and not dependent on any of the parameters listed above.

  • Other Features :
    Pipe break with optional inlet valve control to shut the house down if any pipe in the home breaks.
    High Pressure shut down to prevent pipe breakage.
    Motor protection including over current, over temperature, over and under voltage.
    Transducer failure alarm, If the pressure transducer fails, while many competitors would run the pump to full speed, Precise Pump will shut down, knowing there is an issue.
    Easy pressure adjustment with a turn of a knob. No need to program or learn control codes.
    Our TEFC motors require no starting capacitors, no starting coils. They are reliable and variable speed.
    Our pumps are NSF no lead, Stainless steel.
    Our system comes with both an inlet and an outlet pressure gauge.
    An output is available to shut down an external inlet valve. If a pipe break is detected, the fail safe output will shut down the water supply preventing dwelling floods.  (optional valve & wiring required)
  • Sizing and pricing to follow. Stay tuned in the coming weeks!