OEM Lift Station Controller

signature has produced an innovative, second to none value for lift stations from 1 hp across the line to over 600HP VFD variable speed pump control.
This Touch screen control is designed to easily replace older button/switch interfaces traditionally used in lift station controls. Providing more interactive and modern conveniences including alarm history, real  time level, Key Logger and pump moisture readouts and much more.


This Lift Station Controller is specifically designed for wet well level control. The controller can be easily customized to meet specific needs. & can control from 1 – 4 pumps.  It features both float and analog input (0-10 or 4-20ma) control for use with bubbler, ultrasonic or radar. Automatic alternation, data logging, Key Logging and multiple communication capabilities including modbus, Profibus, BacNet and others.

The 7” color Touch screen allows the user to monitor level, pump status, ETM, well level, and alarm status. The menu driven setup makes navigation and configuration fast and simple. Variable volume or on/off control is menu selected. VFD control via Modbus serial, Modbus TCIP, ProfiBus, ProfiNet, Ethernet IP, EtherCat is available.


  • 1 to 4 Across the line pump control with optional VFD or soft start control.
  • P.I.D with proprietary predictive algorithms that prevent pump cavitation. (With VFD option).
  • 7”  color TFT touch screen, NEMA 4 design.
  • 16) 24VDC programmable Inputs. Expandable  to 256.
  • 14) programmable Outputs. Expandable  to 256.
  • 3) Analog inputs (4-20 or 0-10VDC), 2 analog outputs (4-20ma or 0-10VDC)
  • Easy on screen navigation with up to 7 levels of screen security.
  • Auto screen saver.
  • Programmable password allowing techs to scroll for a period of time without repeated password entry.
  • Automatic alternation (cycle based or time based).
  • Pump lock out ability with alternation bypass.
  • Load shed capability to prevent overloading generator.
  • Jockey pump control for low demand operation
  • System status display
  • Level display
  • Auto/off/man with programmable timeout for manual to switch to auto or off (select-able)
  • Time and date
  • Alarm with time and date
  • Pump status display
  • Pumps not in use
  • Lead pump indication
  • Pump run/stop indication
  • Pump speed (VFD option)
  • VFD fault (VFD option)
  • Alarm log
  • Pump run times
  • Real time clock
  • Level transmitter setup
  • Float level set up in %. up to six floats including low/low and Hi/Hi level.
  • Float on/off indication.
  • 7 level password protection .
  • Serial communication RS485 Modbus built in.
  • Idle pump protection
  • Freeze protection
  • Low and high pressure alarms.
  • Low level alarm.
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • Programmable audible alarm silencer to prevent late night & weekend disturbance.
  • High level output alarm for light.
  • Pump leak detection and % moisture monitor and alarm.
  • Single phase and power loss alarm.
  • UPS monitor input.
  • Analog display of moisture in pump aids in pump maintenance and lets you know when a problem is pending before it occurs.
  • Key logger keeps track of every key pushed and when.

Historical log of alarms to determine frequency of common faults aids troubleshooting.

Screen shots:
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